Healow Televisit

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of technology for health care appointments and services.  It allows you to talk “see” your health care provider without having to go to the provider’s office.  You can use telehealth to receive many services and it is an important way to Stay HealthyTM.  There are different types of telehealth visits:

  • Televisit using video+audio capability.

  • Telephone Visit – if you do not have video+audio capability, a telephone visit can be scheduled.

  • Eagle E-visit – Exchange messages through the Eagle Patient Portal with your provider to ask for medical advice or questions about your care plan.

As noted above, Eagle Physicians has expanded the ways we offer care that doesn’t involve a patient coming into the office.  It helps keep us all safe during the current crisis and most have found them very convenient. Many insurance plans have recognized the great value with these different ways of providing care and are covering these visits.  Eagle Physicians believes most of these modalities will continue well after the current healthcare crisis is over.  This is great news as it gives you many more options when seeking care and when seen via telehealth, we can bill your insurance plan on your behalf just like a traditional office visit!  Deductibles and co-pays may apply.

By requesting/scheduling a Televisit, Telephone Visit or E-visit, we accept that as your consent to bill your insurance plan for the services.  Please note that we may need to reach out to you to verify some health plan information.

So whether we:

  • See/hear you in the office

  • See/hear you over the screen (Televisit)

  • Hear you over the phone (Telephone Visit)

  • Read and respond to your question in the Patient Portal (Eagle E-visit)

Eagle Physicians has you covered!

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